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Who I Am

Sebastian Durand

Passionate about sport and in particular tennis since my youngest age, I have always wanted to give myself the theoretical and practical means to be able to support sportsmen and athletes in their quest for performance. 

I started my career as tennis coach when I was 18 years old. Simultaneously I acquired a Masters degrees in management and training performance in sport.

Over the last 25 years, I did a lot of coaching, including kids aged 6 years old to top professional athletes like:

  • Marcos Baghdathis
  • Serena Williams
  • Grigor Dimitrov

At the beginning of my career :

  • Tennis coach (my ranking was Top 500 French player) in national center
  • Fitness coach

Over the last 15 years as a fitness coach :

  • Over 8 years : head fitness coach at the Mouratoglou tennis academy
  • In the last 7 years : Independent fitness coach using:

o    My experiences from numerous previous years

o    Collaborations with many coaches, physios, osteopaths, nutritionists and mental coaches


  • Triathlon :

o    Triathlons (long distance)

o    Ironman

  • Trail / running

o    Courmayeur Champex Chamonix

o    Saintélyon

o    Marathons

  • Skiing
  • Different group sports

Passionate about sport and in particular tennis since my youngest age, I have always wanted to give myself the theoretical and practical means to be able to support sportsmen and athletes in their quest for performance. 

Sebastien Durand


Grigor Dimitrov

Real Work. Real Results.

Track Record

i’ve worked with

During my 20 year career in high-level training, I have coached around 20 top 200 players as well as young international hopefuls aged 5 years and over.



Grigor Dimitrov (2009-present) / Serena Williams (2012-2014) / Marcos Baghdatis / Jeremy Chardy / Caroline Garcia / Enzo Couacaud / Alizé Lim / Aravane Rezai / Mandy Minella


Peter Lundgren / Peter Mc Namara / Patrick Mouratoglou / Toni Roche/ Daniel Vallverdu/ Franco Davin/ André Agassi

What I Do

Fitness Training


With my years of feedback and my shared moments with professional in differents areas (osteo, physio, nutritionist, doctors, …) I created many testings exercises in order to determine the profile of each athlete I work with: Balance/ mobility/ speed/ strength/ endurance/ etc…

This diagnosis helps me build your project:

    • Strength
    • Pathway to improvement
    • Goal setting
    • Plan for using many tools / equipment  / apps and different techniques

Industry expert

It is always a pleasure for me to share my experience/ my knowledge with any kind of person who has the same passion as me.

Going with interviews, tutorial videos in order to help in the general way of thinking is always a great pleasure for me, and if I can inspire I am the first to be happy.

I can easily adjust to the needs and giving my feedback to solves difficulties, see the challenges from a different perspective, and in the end answer the questions.

Master Trainer

Applying my passion to the needs of an organisation is intellectually challenging for me. I offer my services to promote a healthy life to workers, athletes….

The most important for me is to be able to answer this question :

 Which solutions I will use to get the results we want?

Analyses the possibilities of time, equipment, create habits, produce documents/ videos, and follow the success of the project is beneficial for everybody and to be part of the success of the company.

20 years of experience at the highest levels.

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Seb Durand has been a mainstay on my team since 2009 and has been an integral part of my success. 

Grigor Dimitrov

Professional Tennis Player

Over the last 15 years, I have been fortunate to have worked with Sebastien as a player and as a colleague. He is one of the knowledgeable trainers in tennis and I have witnessed him first hand develop world-class athletes at all ages while building extreme mental toughness at the same time. Seb’s methods and training philosophies are second to none and I highly recommend any collaboration with him.

Sebastian Lavie

Head Coach, Lavie Tennis Academy

Sebastien has been the most reliable person throughout my whole career. Never in my 10 years working with him has he not been supportive, professional, and efficient. His energy and determination are contagious, his knowledge and experience are vast, and I appreciated them every single day at practice.
Even though he is so skillful, he remains open-minded at all times, communicates a lot, and always seeks to be a better coach.

Alize Lim

Professional Tennis Player

Work With Me

training camps

Intense training sessions in natural conditions. Trail running, track, mountain biking, hiking, swimming and other high performance activities. Access to world class facilities including gyms, cryotherapy rooms, accommodation, chefs and more.

Online Testing

online testing

Over 30 tests that cover mobility, speed, cardio, strength, balance and more. Benchmark yourself against an extensive database of athletes. Video analysis is followed by a personalised improvement plan with feedback and 3 exercises.


Currently working with Air France for improving posture, fitness gyms for form and fitness process to improve the experience of the customers (Feel sport/Keep cool). Instructor in formation (Transfaire, ASSAS physio) Remote consulting with the Lavie Tennis Academy. I can share experience, knowledge and adjust them to the company to be more efficient.


As the training options I provide are highly customised based on individual requirements, prices will vary.

*Terms and conditions apply. A minimum commitment is required.

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